How to Prepare Your Child to Start Violin Lessons


If you think you’d like your child to take violin lessons, it might be a good idea to help them find out more about the violin. You can do many things together to help prepare your child to start lessons.


Hi, I'm Melodie with the Violin Practice Partner, and I've been teaching violin for 25 years. It's my mission to help light the world through music by helping children learn to play the violin, while also gaining confidence, learning important life skills, and improving their academic achievement.


  1.  Listen to violin music

Including music in your day is a good habit for anyone. If you and your child are particularly interested in the violin, find some great violin pieces that you can listen to throughout the day. You could have it on in the background while you’re eating dinner or playing quietly. Introducing them to the sounds of a violin will be very helpful.  


  1.  Watch some videos of violinists

Along with listening to violin pieces, you could also find some videos to watch together. This way your child can see how the violin is played and what they can strive toward as they learn and grow with the instrument.


  1.  Prepare for practice

Practicing the violin is going to be a big part of the success of your child with the violin. So spend some time beforehand planning out what part of your day practice time would fit best into. And also, make sure there is a space that your child can use to practice in that is free from distractions, yet comfortable.   


  1.  Learn alongside your child.

Learning the violin takes a lot of work and practice. When your child finally starts to learn, you can learn alongside them to help them remember how to hold their bow or violin.  


Thank you for joining me today! I hope you enjoyed learning how you can begin to prepare your child for violin lessons.


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