How to Care for Your Violin


So, you’ve purchased a violin, and your child is taking lessons. Today I want to help you take the proper steps to care for your new instrument so it can last as long as your child needs it.


Hi, I'm Melodie with the Violin Practice Partner, and I've been teaching violin for 25 years. It's my mission to help light the world through music by helping children learn to play the violin, while also gaining confidence, learning important life skills, and improving their academic achievement.


Most violins are made up of different types of wood, like spruce or maple. The elements used to make a violin are all susceptible to the elements. Heat, cold, and humidity can change the sound of a violin when they are exposed. Try to avoid extremes in temperature when storing and playing your instrument.


  1.  Storing your violin.

Make sure to invest in a strong and sturdy case that will protect your violin. Making sure you’re using a good, hard case can help to stop any accidental damage. After playing the instrument, make sure that you prepare your instrument for storage in its case. Most times this will include loosening the bow hair and removing the shoulder rest if you have one.


  1.  Keep your violin clean.

Wipe down your violin after you’ve finished playing using a soft cloth. This will help to remove rosin that may have collected on the violin. Using a soft cloth to also remove any sweat from your hands will be helpful in keeping your violin in great condition. You shouldn’t need to use anything but a soft, dry cloth. You should also give the wood of your bow a gentle wipe down each time to remove extra rosin, sweat, and oils.


  1.  Repairs

Eventually, you might need to find an experienced luthier to help you maintain your violin. You may experience issues with your pegs, need strings to be replaced, or find that your bridge has begun to warp or bow. Finding someone who is experienced to make these repairs for you will go a long way in keeping your violin in its best shape.


  1.  Violin Bow

The bow will need to be maintained as well. As I mentioned earlier, wiping it down after playing will help to keep it in good condition. Eventually, you will need to have the bow rehaired, depending on your skill level and amount of use.


Thank you for informing yourself about your child’s passions! Caring for your violin is very important in order to protect your investment. Teaching your child how to care for the violin will ensure that it will last a lifetime.   


Click here if you’d like a free violin buyer’s guide to help you choose the right violin for your child, and let me know if you have any other questions. 


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