How to Encourage Creativity in your Child

Learning to play the violin has many long-term benefits. It helps them learn problem-solving, increases their confidence, boosts their academic performance, and inspires their love of music.


Hi, I'm Melodie with the Violin Practice Partner, and I've been teaching violin for 25 years. It's my mission to help light the world through music by helping children learn to play the violin, while also gaining confidence, learning important life skills, and improving their academic achievement.


Teaching your child to have a love of music can benefit them in many ways. We tend to focus on the way it boosts their academic skills or their memory skills, but learning to appreciate music and cultivating creativity can also do them a lot of good.


  1. Developing music appreciation

Helping your child learn to appreciate music can make them a more well-rounded person. Music has the ability to affect our moods. A good piece of music can help us to relax and feel soothed, or it can hype us up, motivate us, or even just make us happy.


  1. Learning the technical aspects of music can make the listening experience much better

Learning the different elements of music such as the tempo, pitch, rhythm, and different dynamics can help someone understand the piece of music that is being played so much more. Understanding music in this way can help you see where the composer might have been coming from as they created the piece you are listening to. It helps you to appreciate the music even more.


  1. Creativity is cultivated

Learning music and how to read it and then play it through their violin are just the first, basic steps. As they master the song they can use their own creativity to put their own emotions into the piece. Expressing themselves through creativity helps a child to be more in touch with their emotions.


  1. Music and creativity can help with emotions

Children experience a range of emotions through their years. Sometimes there are traumatic events that take place, or other times it may just be the stress of the school year, but learning to play can help them work through their emotions instead of bottling them up. They can use music as a way to release stress, anger, and even joy, allowing them to feel more relaxed and able to cope with the stresses of life.


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